Charley & Matthew Engagement Photo Session – Manly, Sydney

Last year I had the pleasure of dusting off my portrait skills and take engagement photos for one of my friends for their upcoming wedding. Though a bit rusty, I really did enjoy the session. These two are incredibly sweet and kind (and forgiving!). Today I had the pleasure once again on shooting their wedding, so a round of post to come but for now, I thought I’d share the photos from the last session. Congratulations Charley and Matthew! Shot in Sydney’s Sergent Mess, Manly. Shot on Fuji X-T1.  

Darwin Travels 2014

Ok… doing a bit of blog catch up here, but last year I had the pleasure of travelling to see Darwin as part of my work place and courtesy of Tourism NT. Had an amazing time, and it definitely broke the stereotype, at least in my mind that only oldies or people who are REALLY trekking into the outback on 45 degree days to see Uluru or deep into the bush to jump off waterfalls (Though, I must say, both those things are pretty damn amazing.) I am biased as the folks at Tourism NT were extremely nice, but I…

In a sea of Jellyfish

Blogging on the go is much harder than I thought. My trip to Singapore is nearly coming to an end and though I haven’t managed to get to many of the famous spots, or taken very many shots (apart from the ones of all my meals) I did manage to get to the aquarium today. Seeing the sea creatures swim round in their own world beyond the glass, oblivious to our humanly concerns sort of made me very relaxed. As did spending a good 20 minutes at the Jellyfish tank and just watching them float blissfully. Here are some shots…

Fireworks & Stables

Fireworks & Stables

Visited the Royal Easter Show today. The first time in about 10+ years, I believe. Brings back great childhood memories of show bags, farm animals, greasy foods and a spectacular show of fireworks to finish off the night.

the Quote project

Recently I started up a small side project called the Quote project, just as a bit of fun and practice for typography and graphics practice. The project aims to explore the design potentials of typography using some of my favourite quotes and “found” imagery from sites such as Flickr Commons.